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October 22, 2011

Hello all, this is tamothy nuton. I am so glad and stuff that I be back in Chicago forever. Well, not forever, I just mean that I am exsited. Yesturday I got her and now I am siting in my old dorm room w my bff Daniel K Schubert. He is the beast.  Surosly. I luv him like a fat kid luvs cak. Al the time I miss him. 1 Time I was at home and he was on my head. Er, on my mind. He waznt sitting on me at all, he was just among my thought particles. Anyways, I was thinking about him. I was thinking how Daniel is one of the bestest people ever. I meen, how is he so hawt and atractive. I do wunder lots about this. If he wes this cool and I was this cool would I be cool. I am geting tired. Wher is the cheez wiz? R ther any ponies. I lik ponies. But I lik Daniel better. He is amasing. I jus wish that I cood be jus like him. I feel lesser than his graterness. Forever. Yo.

– tamothy nuton and definatly not Daniel K. Schubert

Dear Readers,

This weekend I’m visiting my friends at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, the school I attended last year and, sadly, had to leave for a semester to work.  My great friend and roommate Dan Schubert offered to help write today’s post, so I just let him type whatever he wanted at the beginning.  I’m sure it turned out very professional and whatnot.  Anyway, on to my half!

Being back at Moody, even just for a couple of days, has been both a fantastic and a wholly unreal experience.  I knew that I would be happy to see all of my friends again, but I wasn’t ready for the overwhelming feeling of coming home that washed over me the minute I stepped on campus.  Ever since I started considering taking a semester off I knew that I would want to return as soon as possible, but I’ve never felt that desire so tangibly as I have yesterday and today.

The people here, especially all of my brothers on Culby 12, are like family to me.  Everyone was as thrilled to see me as I was to see them, and they went out of the way to make my visit as awesome as possible.  I came ready to pay for two nights of lodging in the dorms, all of my meals, and public transit fare.  The guys got together and set me up with all of those things for free.

And apparently, while I’ve been gone, Dan and a few other 12ers have been spreading stories about me and all the craziness in which I partook last year, to the effect that nearly all of the freshmen on the floor to whom I introduced myself immediately said, “Oh!  You’re Tim Newton!”  Seriously, my friends are amazing.

I could go on and on about how much I love Moody and Chicago and my friends and how much I want to come back, but I’m going to keep it short and simple: God knows what He’s doing.  That may seem like a sudden transition, but it’s really the unifying theme of my time both at Moody and away.  I felt that Moody was where God wanted me to go, so I went, and my Freshman year was one of the best years of my life.  Then I had to come home, and the lessons that I’ve already learned about responsibility, hope, perseverance, and purpose, not to mention the time spent with my family, have been indispensable.  At every step along the way God has stepped in to provide exactly what I need when I need it to move forward to the next stage both in life and in my character, and now as I look to return to Moody I know I can trust Him to do the same.  God knows what He’s doing, and what He’s doing is working all things together for my good as I live for Him.  Nothing could ever give me more peace than knowing that.

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