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Being a Light One Hotdog at a Time

October 24, 2011

When I came to Spokane, I came with the passion to be a light. I cam e hoping to be a light in the neighborhood, in the hearts of the broken. I wanted to be a light for the homeless people in the area. I still do, but things have changed a little.

Things have turned out differently than I thought it would.. Instead of being a light and helping out the homeless, I am being a light in a seemingly well off family.

Every weekend around 10:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays, my friends and I head off to “Big Lucy’s Hotdogs.” My friends had been coming awhile, but I hadn’t until two or three weeks ago. At this hotdog stand situated at the owners driveway, are two men: one very loud and one slightly more reserved. It’s almost as if we are in different cultures.. One of the men is usually intoxicated to some extent and there is usually a bit of profanity, but who said making a difference would be hanging around people with your same standards and beliefs?

It has been fantastic hanging out there every weekend because they know who we are and they know what we are about. The guys that originally started going to the “hotdog man” decided they would start being a light and being friends with these guys. We decided to make that happen and it has been awesome!

One night, while standing around, my friend started talking to a guy that was hanging around with the stand who was an atheist and incredibly intoxicated. That struck up an opportunity.. The man my friend was talking to had apparently never had a birthday cake, so to be a witness and to be a friend, we took the opportunity to throw him a party. We told him we would be there with a cake the next week, but he had to show up sober. He told us he would and we made the promise. This past weekend, my friend bought the supplies, but we learned that the man we were throwing the party for would not be able to attend.

When we found that out, we found out one more interesting thing: the owner of the stand had a son who was turning six on Sunday. This was perfect. We told Moody students to show up and we threw the 6 year old a party! We had at least 50 Moody students show up and give a stranger a party that he would hopefully remember for awhile! His family was very excited about it, and we were able to give them a large amount of money with the purchase hotdogs too!

On Sunday, my friend and I were able to purchase a gift card for the birthday boy and gave it to him on his birthday. The look on his parents face was amazing. They were so appreciative and so thrilled. Leaving there that day I was left with this impression: being a light should and could take place anywhere, with anyone, and at anytime. Being a light in the community is not put in the boundaries of the “dark” places, but in the places God puts us.

Love you all! Be a light everywhere and make a difference where you are!

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  1. October 25, 2011 1:46 am

    WOW, Very inspirational, was reading it while stuck in traffic this morning. it makes me want to go out and do what you did. its amazing how you can touch peoples lives

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