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Introducing Radar

October 29, 2011

In my “About Me” blurb, I mentioned that my cat, Radar, is The World’s Greatest Cat™ and that I would probably blog about her at some point.  Well, that point has come.  One of our fine readers issued a challenge to Radar’s illustrious and totally arbitrary title, so I’m here to make a case in her defense.  Prepare for your daily dose of cute!

My story with Radar begins before I met her, when I was finishing my long summer of work at Lake Ann Camp.  My mom works at a camp closer to home, and she adopted Radar from the camp’s petting farm when she was just a kitten to save her from her much-less-than-optimal living conditions.  The trouble was, my Dad didn’t want any more cats in the house (we already had four), so he decreed that she would need to find another home.  I thought, “Maybe I can do something to help keep her at home with our family”.  And then I saw a picture of her:


That took the “Maybe” right out of the aforementioned thought.  I immediately started scheming ways to get this cat to stay with us, and I came up with a plan pretty quickly: I offered to pay a monthly rent for the cat if Dad would let her stay.  Since he, too, couldn’t resist her cuteness, he relented and gave over ownership of the cat to me for the cost of $10 a month.

When I first adopted her, Radar didn’t have a name.  She was just “The Interloper” to Dad and “The Kitten” to everyone else.  They’d tried a few names, but none of them stuck, and Mom said that she thought the cat was waiting for me to come home and name her.  I thought of a few name ideas while I was still away, but the minute I walked in the door and saw her I knew that they were all wrong, and I knew exactly what to call her.

In case you couldn’t see it before, this picture makes it much more clear: this cat has enormous ears.  Not only that, but she is one of the most inquisitive kittens I’ve ever met.  With those radar-dish ears and her seek-and-find personality, the name “Radar” fit like a glove.

Radar is basically cuteness embodied, but she has two distinct modes of cuteness which she employs throughout the day.  The first, as pictured below, is full-tilt-energetic cuteness:

Out of all of our cats, Radar is the most mischievous.  She climbs on everything, attacks anything that moves, and slips into any space big enough to fit her.  Even when she causes chaos with her shenanigans, though, she’s still utterly adorable.  Not quite adorable, however, as she is in her second mode: tuckered-out cuteness.

Just when she reaches the tolerance threshold of my family members and they’re about ready to lock her up for her misdeeds, Radar finds a nice warm place, curls up, and assumes the most innocent sleeping posture you’ve ever seen.  You can’t help but think, “How could something so small and cute cause any trouble?”  And once you’ve thought that for just long enough to make you believe that this cat is truly capable of no wrong, she jolts upright and goes back to her favorite hobby: creating mayhem.

All in a day’s work for  The World’s Greatest Cat™.

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  1. October 29, 2011 8:23 pm

    ok, I will admit she is adorable!Quite a story too! You did as we and rescued the innocent one….only ours was feral for a year before we found her.

    How much does she weigh and how old is she? She is completely gray!

    I love cats so much and I am allergic to them!

    So the challenge arises…I shall do the same…only with the, well you know.

    It will have to be tomorrow as our college age daughter is stealing my laptop tonite because hers is sick! How will I fare without it!

  2. mom permalink
    October 29, 2011 11:05 pm

    Tim’s Mom here…I love this post!! Radar is about 5 months old and we’ve never weighed her, but I’d say she’s around 5 pounds now. She keeps us laughing and shaking our heads. The main reason I brought her home was because she fell out of the loft in the barn at camp and injured her leg, which has now completely healed on its own.

    • October 30, 2011 6:29 pm

      She looks so adorable! Love those ears!

      In the challenge I will attempt to show our cat! and the story I wrote about her that has been published…hope you enjoy it.

  3. October 30, 2011 12:57 am

    Radar. ❤ Wonderful kitty, Tim, and a wonderful post besides. ^_^ Gosh, those dish-ears really *are* something, too. O.O (And something is my favorite!) Also, the last photo (first seen on dA, yay!) further proves that the pinnacle of cuteness is a tuckered-out kitty cat. =3 *awww*

    Y'know, in 8 years of living, Sunset has never created mayhem. Not once. She must be mistaking herself for a sophisticated cat. ;p Yeesh, talk about a wild ‘n’ crazy positing, eh?

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