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That One Song – A Guest Post by Tekaramity

November 5, 2011

Today’s post comes to you courtesy of Tekaramity, a good friend and a splendid writer who really came through for us in this crazy month and provided myself and Adam B. with a few guest posts so that we’d have more time to work on our novels. Here’s the first one, featuring some excellent thoughts on music, life, and the things that define and describe us. Enjoy!

“That One Song” by Tekaramity

Countless people claim songs as their own. To any one individual, a particular song can convey everything the mind perceives and the heart desires. Certain songs even reference this quirk of personality by staking their own claims to be somebody’s song. Other songs identify “that one song” as any number of specific personal experiences or nostalgic sentiments. Still other songs make no fluff out of a hill of rocks and instead lie firm in their resolutions to each be just another song that, ultimately, accomplishes nothing at all. Whatever the backstory, while it is true that every song is scientifically an arranged collection of frequencies dispersed by sound wave generators, music in and of itself can both elicit and invoke a diverse symphony of emotions, stirring the soul and flooding the world with life and beauty. In the interest of ebullience, then, finding “that one song” can be a worthy trek as well as a joy upon the conclusion of the journey.

Then what’s my song? I don’t know, and I don’t know why I haven’t discovered it yet. Perhaps it hasn’t been written yet, or perhaps I haven’t yet stumbled upon the musical artist whose song I would identify as resonating with my heart and mind. Perhaps the song is within me, waiting for me myself to compose it. Perhaps it is a tune imperceptible, too, one that floats along the cool jetstream of life without ever evolving into something more tangible. Also, perhaps my song is not a song at all but a melody of life. Perhaps the lifespring of my family, my future spouse, my best friends, or my collective world is the song that drives me in earnestness and charts my direction. Perhaps it’s God. Perhaps it’s silence. Perhaps it is still undefinable here; perhaps it is shy as a whisper, diminished and meek. Perhaps in the song that I live is the song that I seek.

What song do you capture, dear reader?

What song is your valence and motion, inspired and bright?

What song do you capture, dear soldier?

What song is your endless devotion, unshaken and light?

What song do you capture, dear father?

What song is your answer, protection, straight measure, and call?

What song do you capture, dear pilgrim?

What song is the song that you sing when there’s no song at all?

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