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The Like Button Has Spoken

December 2, 2011

I am happy to say that there are times I love the like button. In this certain context, I really love it. I love posting things that I find profound (whether they really are or not) and tonight (the time I am writing this) I posted “Guys, Lets respect women and lets NOT treat them like an object for our disgusting, selfish desires. #ManUp” and “Ladies, Please don’t give yourself away. You are worth more than that. Sex is not the answer and it is not love. A guy who cares.” I agree with these statements that I posted (and wrote) and so did the people that graciously read my humble thoughts. I really do not care about numbers, but I thought it was interesting how many people liked them. It had nothing to do with the fact that I said it, but everything to do with what was said. The number of people that liked those was intriguing to me because in this society, I find less and less people believing or even just caring about these issues, yet people agreed with what was said. With that being said, let us act out what we believe. Let us not only “like” the statements because we agree with them, but let us be proof that we agree with them. I am not just saying that to you, dear reader, but to myself as well. Life isn’t just about believing in something and acknowledging that we do, but showing that we do. So let us, men, treat women with respect and dignity. Let us treat them like what they are: precious creations that God gave to us to go through life with us.. not as an object of our pleasure but a partner in life. And girls, don’t just say you agree with “Ladies, Please don’t give yourself away. You are worth more than that. Sex is not the answer and it is not love. A guy who cares,” but truly act it out. You are worth so much and you are so precious. I just want you to know that. The attention he shows you in bed because you desire “love” is not worth YOU. It is certainly not love, so please, act it out and don’t jump into bed with the first guy that shows you attention. 🙂 Let us be a generation that acts out our beliefs.

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