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I Won’t Watch

December 5, 2011

If you follow me on Twitter, which I would gladly appreciate, you would notice that I have been plugging an organization called “I Won’t Watch.” What is it exactly? Well I decided to tell you in this post, so I hope you don’t mind another shameless plug for an organization I believe in.

“I Won’t Watch” was co-founded by designer Ryan Smith and nationally recognized speaker, and my mentor/friend EJ Swanson. They started it to raise money for different organizations that they support and preach this message: Stop watching and start doing! They use a really cool watch as a fantastic symbol and reminder to not “watch” but to start doing. Half of the money that you spend on a 16 dollar watch goes to the certain organization they are supporting at the time of your purchase. It is an incredibly practical way to start changing the world AND you get a really sick watch! I’d encourage you to pick up one or a bunch! Buy them and give them to some friends or keep them all for yourself. Plus, if you remember, Christmas is around the corner and these watches make PERFECT gifts, while also supporting a great cause.

So check out
PS. I apologize if this made no sense.. I am currently running on 23 hours of no sleep. PPS. Check out the cause your watch purchase you support if you were to purchase one RIGHT NOW! 🙂

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