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Cold Water

December 16, 2011

In the house I live in here in the great city of Spokane, we have a shower. This shower, like most showers, showers water in a stream to cleanse those of us occupying the shower. The unusual thing about this shower that I have noticed is the incredible influence the cold water has on my showering experience. When I shower, it is not unusual for me to go with a more hot water shower than cold, but using the cold water so as to not scold my body. However, in this particular shower a literal tiny turn of the cold water faucet can drastically change the temperature of my hot shower. It can go from a perfect warm/hot shower to a tremendously awful cold shower; all with a simple tiny turn of the faucet.
I don’t bring this up to merely point out my showering ways or to just simply talk about water, but to take this illustration to a personal usage. You see, just as a simple tiny turn of a faucet can dramatically change the pleasure in my shower, a simple tiny turn of a positive influence can dramatically change lives. I wonder how many can say they are cold water. In this case, cold water are the kids (and adults) that are choosing to make a difference. They are choosing to follow God closely and are making a huge, dramatic change. We can choose to be the same “temperature” as everyone else or be the drastic change in “temperature.” I don’t know about you, but I am not okay with being the same “whatever whatever” when God has clearly called us to be in and not of the world. So many things in our world would be different if our lives reflected that of Christ, and in this manner changed the temperature of our world “shower.” Make a difference. Be cold water.

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