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First World Pains

January 3, 2012

For those of you who don’t know, I love Twitter. I am constantly tweeting and “retweeting” things I find inspiring or funny. My current tweeter I find amusing is @FirstWorldPains. This account tweets the things we as a first world go through.. Many of it things we have no reason to complain about. I enjoy this, as it pokes fun at our complaining spirit though we have no right to complain about those things.

Around the world, many people suffer from hunger and we complain about our laptop not charging (that would be me) and that our phone is dead; Ah! The internet is so slow. Well.. we HAVE internet. The things we complain about infuriate me. We have literally everything we need and then some, yet we feel we have a reason to complain. It sickens me. Why must we feel that need to complain?

Whats worse, we seem to forget what belongs to us and who we belong to. Nothing we have actually belongs to us. And we belong to the Lord of the Universe. Let that settle in your brain, mind, and life. I hope that it will change our complaining spirits. Life is a privilege. Let us not waste it by complaining about things we have been blessed with receiving.


Ps. I know today isn’t my day, but I felt bad for missing two days so you get an extra post today! 🙂

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