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Why Blog?

January 3, 2012

I have a confession. For me, this blog is usually for me, not for you. Take a moment to untangle that. When I sit down to write these posts, it’s usually right at the deadline, so one would think that I’m writing because I want you to benefit from my wisdom. Wrong. Thank God that’s the case; I have very little wisdom. When I write these posts, I’m writing for my own satisfaction, to organize my own thoughts. The way the post will be perceived by the reader rarely enters into my thoughts at all.

So why do I share these posts with you? Why don’t I keep them locked away in a diary somewhere like decent people have done for millennium? What right have I to pollute this world of information with my spewed thoughts? Should I be “adding to the noise,” in the words of switchfoot?

Well, a part of the reason is that this strokes my ego. When I can look at the statistics and see the number of readers, it gives me pleasure. Is that healthy? Probably not, but it would be dishonest to ignore that factor.

So many of the people I love live places that are hundreds of miles from my home. Heck, I’m now spending large parts of the year in a place far from my home. How do I stay in touch with them? Facebook is great, but it’s shallow by its very nature. I’d love to sit down and write letters to each one of you that mean so much to me, but let’s be honest: I’m a lazy college student. There’s no way that many letters will get written. (If any of you ever really want a letter from me, I’d be happy to write you; it just might take a few months… But if you wanted to send letters to me, well, the response time would likely be significantly faster.) This blog seems like a fairly close to ideal means of communicating with all of you.

After all, how can you better understand a person and what he’s going through and what he’s thinking than by seeing what amounts to a personal journal. It might not be formatted like that. It might not directly address the events of my day-to-day life, but that’s what my entries on this blog are. Every post I write deals with something I’m either thinking deeply (sometimes not so deeply) about or something that I’m personally experiencing.

But I don’t want this to be a monologue. In several important ways I may be talking to myself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t respond. If you’re one of my friends, and you have something to say about something I’m talking about on this blog, say it. I don’t care if you say it through facebook, comments, email, or twitter, but I want to know you just as you want to know me. If you’re not my friend, well I’d love for you to become one. Say what you will anyways.

And that just about wraps up tonight’s incoherent thoughts on this blog’s purpose.

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