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Kid History

January 11, 2012

I have an idea for a very lengthy, very thoughtful post about community and story and how they inform our lives forming in my head, but I don’t have enough time to flesh it out before the day is done, so I’ll save that post for Saturday and give you a quick recommendation instead.  My younger brother Jonathan (he wrote a guest post here a while back) showed me a series of hilarious YouTube videos earlier this week, and I’ve been talking them up to everyone I can ever since.  They’re called “Kid History”, and the basic premise is that four brothers – John, Randy, Dave, and Brett Roberts – asked their kids to retell, in their own words, some of the family stories that they’ve heard from their dads, then the Roberts brothers filmed themselves and some friends acting out the stories according to the kids’ narration and lip-syncing to their voice-overs.  The end result is a goofy, madcap series of wacky stories, wildly funny quotes, and classic little kid adorableness.  Here’s a link to their channel, “Bored Shorts TV”, where you can find all seven episodes of Kid History in all of their glorious silliness.  Go ahead – sit back, click the link, and have a good laugh courtesy of the Roberts family and yours truly.  See you on Saturday!

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