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The “Other” Kids Need It Too.

January 13, 2012

I speak out on Twitter about grace. My favorite organization is People of the Second Chance. I feel that grace is an undeserved necessity in life. So anyways, I talk a lot about grace, and try to practice it as much as I think about practicing it. There is however, a catch to living to see to it that people receive grace: the people that I don’t want to show grace to. You see, it is really easy to practice grace when it’s the people we love that need it. It is also easy to say the girls that have had an abortion need grace, the guys that cheat on girls, and pastors that speak heresy, but what about the others? What about those that annoy us? What about the people that are too prideful for OUR own good? I struggle with that more than anything. What about the awkward kids you just don’t understand or really care for? It’s easy to love the “cool” kids, but what about the uncool kids? And let’s be real, we only like SOME cool kids. There are the other kind of “cool” kids that are too cool. What about those kids? Don’t they need the grace we preach about too?

God gave us unconditional, selfless grace. Who are we to say someone should get any less?

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  1. Joshua Schouten permalink
    January 13, 2012 3:45 pm

    Aye captain, Grace and truth the paradoxical spender of the Bible

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