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February 16, 2012

Today somebody told me that I’m very laid back. That struck me as odd. Usually people tell me that I’m far too aggressive. Aggressive and laid back seem to me like opposites, so how can the two coexist in the same body?

I go to a large public university that takes its athletics seriously. Further, it takes its rivalry seriously. Football is a religion in this state of Alabama*, yet it has no NFL team. Why would it need one. There are people that stubbornly hold that the University of Alabama football program could beat most NFL teams. Basically, if you grow up in Alabama, you grow up cheering for the Crimson Tide–unless you grow up cheering for Auburn, but that doesn’t seem to happen very often. Even though these people cheer for Alabama, they often end up going to school at Auburn because Auburn’s academics are about 16.5 times better. So you’d think these people would start cheering for the University they attend, right? No, of course not. They continue cheering for Auburn’s hated rival. They don’t belong.

This world is filled with contradictions like this. Every day we encounter innumerable things that should not be mixed but are. Men and cooking, McDonalds and people’s stomachs, fat guys and speedos, etc. In fact, this very world is a contradiction.

In the beginning God created everything, and everything was perfect, but because of man’s choice to turn away from Him, Creation was ruined. In fact, Creation groans. But God has a plan. This place with such painful juxtapositions of the good and bad won’t last forever. God has  a plan to make all things perfect again.

Those who call Him Father will be with Him in heaven, and then maybe I’ll find out how one can be both laid back and aggressive at the same time.

*If that’s an exaggeration at all, it’s not much of one.

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  1. Tim's Dad permalink
    February 17, 2012 10:01 am

    Your ruminations touch upon something that I have been pondering much, lately. We were created for this world, in its perfect state. We were created to be spirits inhabiting physical bodies, on a physical world, in a state of perfection for all eternity. If you’ve ever wondered why we both love and hate the world we find ourselves in, I believe we love it because we were meant to be in an environment like this, yet we hate it because we were not meant to be in an environment that is ruined by sin, like this one is currently. Many people seem to thing that we will exist as disembodied spirits in heaven for all eternity, but the amazing reality is that God will re-create the heavens and the earth in all of the perfection that He intended all along, then He will dwell with us here on the new Earth in the new Jerusalem. Our eternal destiny is literally “Heaven on Earth.” I think that the Evil One has done a superb job of disinformation where our eternal destiny is concerned, and I think it is high time that christians set the record straight about the eternal condition waiting for those who have faith in Christ! I don’t have any idea what that has to do with football, but there it is!

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