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Something Happy

March 21, 2012

When I sat down in front of my computer to write up today’s post, I asked my siblings for topic ideas. Jonathan simply turned to me from his desk and said, “Write about something happy.” I liked the idea, but that’s a pretty broad topic, so I began to narrow it down. What happy thing should I write about? What is it about my life right now that makes me happy? I could write about how I just finished my tax return and the amount that I’ll be receiving back from the government is almost identical to the amount that I spent on BroNYCon in January (which is a huge blessing and a perfect ending to my providence-soaked New York adventure). I could write about how I’ve come to enjoy my job as a produce clerk, or how I have the next two days off from said job and I get to relax (which makes me very happy indeed). I could write about how I’m going to see The Hunger Games tomorrow at midnight (which has me ridiculously wound up!), or about the wacky adventures that my mom and I underwent this week trying to procure enough of the recent McDonald’s Happy Meal ponies to satiate all of the household bronies (actually, that would be a fun post, I’ll have to remember to write about that on Saturday). I could write about the beautiful weather as spring begins and we Michiganders experience the most beautifully summery spring on record. I could even write about the simple, peaceful pleasure of driving down a country road alone on a calm spring evening. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that I could spend hours of time and pages of text listing, describing, and celebrating all of the things that I enjoy in my everyday life, the things that make me happy. So instead of writing about one specific, happy thing, I wrote this little post to remind you that there are happy things scattered all throughout our lives – we just need to take the time to appreciate them, and to thank the One who delights to give them to us.

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