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April 9, 2012

This is something we did once, and I, (Adam B.) really liked the results. I hope you did, too, and I hope you do. Christ’s resurrection is too big a subject to be treated by just one writer. Here’s what we all have to say about it and what Easter means.

To me, Easter means a lot. It tells of the power of Christ and the power we have in the Spirit. Christ was brutally tortured for me so He could forgive me of my wrongdoings. He was killed for me. As much as I love that my burden was taken up by someone else, it doesn’t end there. Christ rose! Death could not hold Him back! Easter shows the victory we have over sin through our Father, His son, and the Holy Spirit. Without the resurrection we would be serving a dead God, but hallelujah! He rose again and is more powerful than anything that would try to hold Him down! We have the power that rose Christ from the dead in us right now. Who are we to say we can’t get rid of this sin? We have the very Spirit of God living in us. He has given us victory over death and over sin. Hallelujah.

– Adam Swensen

When Adam B. called me and told me that we were writing a collaborative post for Easter, I asked him if he had a central topic in mind for us to discuss. In typical Becky fashion, he answered, “Just write something about what Easter means. Sorry, I know that’s still really broad.” As soon as he said those words, though, I knew exactly what I wanted to write, because for me Easter means everything.

I grew up with two believing parents, so for the earlier years of my life I just assumed that the lingo, traditions, and trappings of Christianity were just the way that people were supposed to talk and act and I followed along. As I grew older, however, I realized that I had never really stopped and asked why we acted and spoke that way. I knew that it had something to do with loving God, but who is God? And why does He want us to say and do those things in particular? I knew there was something deeper, something from which the outer parts of the Christian faith grew and without which they would be meaningless, and I needed to know if that something was really firm enough to make it the basis of my life. So I set out to find the core of Christianity – and to decide if it was really worth believing.

As I searched back through the Bible looking for my answer, I kept coming back to one thing: the resurrection. Paul puts it this way – “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless.” (1 Cor. 15:17). If you really want to know what Christianity is, you can set aside the questions of if God is real, if He is good, if there’s really a heaven or a hell and how you get to one or the other, because they all hinge on this one question: did Jesus, a man who definitely lived and died, really come back to life? If not, all of the preaching and praying and devotion in the world is pure idiocy and we are a cult of fools following a dead madman’s words. But if Jesus is alive, then everything He taught and claimed to be is the truth and I’d be a fool not to follow. If He lives, then God is real. If He lives, then I need Him. If He lives, then He loves me. All I believe hinges on whether or not He lives, and it changes the way that I live. Thank God, then, that Easter is not a defeat, but a celebration. He is risen indeed, and that makes all the difference.

– Tim Newton

I was going to write something filled with passion, fire, brimstone, and just a touch of anger for this post. God, the king of the universe, died for us. Shouldn’t that provoke a stronger response than what we see all around us? But then I realized that that’s not what Easter is about at all.

The story of Easter is this: a man, who was also God, came to Earth. He lived a perfect life. He was nailed to a cross, the most excruciating death of that time period. God now counts that man’s, Jesus’, righteousness as belonging to any man who should claim Him as Father. Jesus then rose, victorious over death, and we, believers, rise with Him, no longer bound by death and sin.

Is this a story of anger or wrath? Of course it isn’t. I am blessed to belong to a church that genuinely understands the love of God. I spent Easter Sunday with a family from my church at their home. It was a little tough for me as a Freshman, being away from my family on Easter for the first time, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Being with this family and my other brothers and sisters (in Christ) that they invited felt like being enveloped in a great big hug.

You see, that’s what Easter is about. It’s a story of victory and a story of love. Won’t you let God envelop you in His perfect love—through His perfect love story?

– Adam B

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  1. Tim's Dad permalink
    April 11, 2012 9:51 am

    Amen! Amen! and Amen! (Or in non-Christianese: Right on! You said it! and I could not possibly agree more!)


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