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I Hate This Post

April 19, 2012

DISCLAIMER: This is a late night rambling. Don’t expect too much from it. Also, this is coming from a conviction I have, so I am learning how to use this word better, too.


Words seem to lose their meaning over time and the word I am currently mourning is “hate.”

We use it too much.

We use it to describe our lack of affection towards enemies, our vegetables, classes, “this band,” our feet, and too many other things.

Stupid Americans. I love this country a whole lot, but, frankly, we are too  blessed of a country to talk about hating things that don’t even matter. WHY DO WE CARE!? It bothers me a lot. We complain about things so much, as if our lives have always been like this. Following, here are just a few ways we misuse this word:

“I hate this phone. It takes too long to send texts” (A VERY common thing I say all the time). “”Ugh. This steak was too pink. I hate it” (But seriously, can you get a steak that is too pink?). “My computer doesn’t stay charged. I hate this piece of crap” (Well at least we have a laptop.) “I hate how slow my wireless internet is” (Remember dial-up?).

I just think, that as the next generation and as a people that have been blessed so much, it would be in our best interest to start actually using words right. It is time we blow past the negative tendencies we have and urge each other to begin seeing things in a more positive light.

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