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The Time is Now

April 27, 2012

For some reason, my brain automatically works like this: I think of an idea or a way I can impact the world and my brain tells me, “Do it after college,” or “You have so many other things to do.”
Frankly, I have grown tired of it. I fear that my generation has become stuck in the trap of later.

We will wait until later to hang out with homeless people.

We will wait until later to quit using Facebook so much.

We will try out different organization tactics later.

THE TIME IS NOW! What are we waiting for? The things we want to accomplish won’t get accomplished if we don’t actually try to accomplish them!

I struggle with this so much. In fact, the things I listed are things I desire to do or have desired to do. But the time is now. I challenge myself and my readers to DO and not just think about doing them. The time is now.

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