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Spectrum Perspectives: Sunday

May 6, 2012

Sundays are my favorite day of the week, and they would be that way even if I were not a Christian, yet many of my friends at college, though they claim to love Sunday, don’t actually enjoy it. The reason that they love Sundays is that it gives them an extra day to prepare or to procrastinate; it’s another day for work in a world that is very scarce on time. And these friends spend their Sundays–and sometimes the rest of the week, too–more stressed than the duct tape holding that guy from down the hall to the ceiling.

Sundays are my favorite day for a very different reason. In the morning, of course, I go to church, and that’s good and glorious and any other positive adjective you may care to use. In the afternoons, though, I devote time to whatever silly thing has been occupying my thoughts throughout the week, and I do so intentionally. In recent weeks, this has meant trips to the local park to climb trees, 13-mile runs around Auburn, and notebooks filled with ideas for my book. It’s the most relaxing thing in the world to look ahead in the week to Sunday and see that I really will have time to devote to whatever. You should put down your homework, housework, or yardwork next Sunday and try it. The rest of your week will be better.

–Adam B

Sunday has commonly become a chance for Americans to relax through various activities including but not limited to, eating, napping, socializing, watching sports, and playing outside. There is nothing wrong with what Sunday has become but to me, Sunday is so much more. Sunday is a chance for me to go and worship with other believers with different backgrounds, different stories, different lifestyles, but a love for the same God. In my own biased opinion, in Spokane I get to hear some of the best preaching at the second best church in America, second only to my church in Michigan. I am challenged, loved on, and taught. Sundays used to mean going to church and I usually couldn’t wait for it to be done, but I look forward to Sundays BECAUSE I get to go to church. I get to learn about my God and I get to worship Him with other believers! I hope that Sunday is a day of rest for you, but also a chance to worship with a godly, spiritually growing church family. I pray that our worship and things we have been challenged by on Sundays continues through the rest of our lives and not stop when Monday rolls around.

–Adam Swensen

Sunday has always been a notable day in our culture. For many people, it’s a day off of work. Traditionally, it’s the day on which churches get together and, for some reason, also the day on which famous men in shiny pants and hard hats fight over leather balls in front of millions of fans. The idea behind Sunday is one that we all desire: a day to step back from the everyday worries and obligations of life and rest for a while, a fresh beginning to a new week. In our hectic, perpetual-motion world, however, many of us have given up on that idea as nothing more than a nice thought and pushed right on through Sunday without stopping to breathe. Don’t do that to yourself. Even God took a day off after making the universe, and while you don’t have to deal with anything that strenuous on your average workweek, you still need to take some time to recharge and re-center or you’ll run yourself into the ground. Sunday may have changed a bit over the years, but it’ll never be outdated. Make sure you take advantage of yours today, my friends.

–Tim Newton

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