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Spectrum Perspectives: Moms

May 14, 2012

Tim Newton

I’m in no condition to write right now, I’ll gather my thoughts and put them in my post later this week.  I do, however, want to dedicate my tiny little portion of this post to my wonderful mother, who is here with me loving me with just as much patience and kindness as she has every day for the last 20 years.  You’ve been such a vital part of making me who I am, Mom, and I couldn’t be more grateful that of all the moms in the world, I got you.  I love you.

Catherine Allen

I suppose that I’ll be Adam B this week.

Wait, that isn’t how it works…

Okay, no; I’ll be Catherine Allen, as I have been since birth. But I will be writing in Mr. B’s stead, as he is away this week. I hope that you enjoy my offerings.

I am convinced that God put mothers upon the earth to keep society from crumbling.

I’m serious; think about everything that mothers and “ordinary” women do each day to keep the world turning (and you know what it’s like when the laundry isn’t done and the kitchen isn’t clean – the earth stops turning.) Not very many of these ordinary women are in Armani suits with Gucci briefcases, I know. All the same, the morning comes when mama opens the curtains and says, “Rise and shine; breakfast is ready downstairs,” and nighttime falls when mama turns out the lights with a last, “I love you, honey. Sleep well.”

Mamas are the superheroes who get the least notice and appreciation, day-to-day. It seems that their behind-the-scenes techniques keep them well-hidden from the public eye. But their cover is blown annually; we call it Mothers’ Day.

“Mothers’ Day”… it is a day to give honor to the women who have raised and nurtured us throughout our entire lives. But can we? Is it possible to repay our mothers for all of their sleepless nights, all of their worrying, all of their bedside nursing, nurture and lullabies? What about the many and repetitive lessons in how to button our own shirts or pronounce our “L’s” properly? And then there is all of the discipline, the guidance, and the advice they gave to us. How are we to give due honor to our mothers? How are we to gauge the value of the women who guide and teach us from the times we are most helpless, through the times we are least grateful, until the time when we finally turn around and see them, as if for the first time realizing how much we need them?

I don’t think that I can every repay my mother for her love and compassion toward me, even and especially when I don’t deserve it. But I know that God will reward every act of kindness, no matter how “inconsequential” it seemed at the time it was acted out. And until the day when God does give my mother all the honor she is rightfully due, I will “…arise up, and call her blessed.”

Adam Swensen
I have a huge respect for moms. Moms do so much for so very little credit. Sure, people love their moms, but do we show it? How do we show it? Our moms gave us life, they were patient while carrying us for 9 months, IN THEM! I don’t even think we think about that enough! They had a human being, us, in their bodies for 9 long months. They care for us while we were first born, and THEY NEVER STOP! Their jobs go on forever. They will always be moms and there is no stopping that. I love my mom. This week I will write more on why I love her, but today let your mom know that you love and appreciate her. After that, don’t ever stop showing her you love her; she won’t stop loving you!

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