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Guest Post: Catherine Allen – Celebrating Mothers’ Day

May 18, 2012

With Adam B. gone this week, we’ve got a guest blogger for you: the very talented Catherine Allen has graciously agreed to write a post for Singular Spectrum all about what Mothers’ Day means – and how we may be missing out on a big part of it.  Enjoy her post, and be sure to follow Catherine on Twitter under the username @Christos_doulos to get a regular dose of her uplifting and godly writing.  And by all means, let the women in your life know how much they mean to you today.

Mothers’ Day has come and passed yet again. Did you enjoy time with your mother? I hope that you did. I hope that she felt all of the love and honor from you that she deserves, and that you felt the joy of freely showing your gratefulness and love to her for all she is and does for you and your family.

It is imperative that we honor our own mothers, not only once a year, but every day. It is a command in Scripture, with a promise for our own well-being if we obey (Ephesians 6:1-3.) Now, I’m not going to go into a long lecture on how children should be more respectful toward their mamas – goodness knows the world does need that, but I am not the writer, and today is not the day for getting into that – however; I would like to point out a couple of things which you might have missed or overlooked this past Mothers’ Day. A few things which we all tend to forget, but I would like for us to remember for next Mothers’ Day and all of the days in between and thereafter.

Did you say anything to a mother not your own on Mothers’ Day? Perhaps you greeted your “second-mommy”, your best friend’s mother, with a “Happy Mothers’ Day!” Or you gave your grandmother a card? Maybe you really splurged and greeted every mama in sight with enthusiasm. That is a splendid thing to do, I think. I think that motherhood should be well-respected in general, and that the respect should be shown to the mothers around us. Please remember mothers not your own.

Have you considered the mothers who have children all grown-up and living far away? Or mother who have difficult or strained relationships with their children? How hard it must be, to have only limited or strained interaction with one’s children. Pray for these women, show them love and honor, and if you know any women in situations like those I just mentioned, take time for them, appreciate them. Please remember mothers in difficult situations.

There are women who hold in their hearts a greater pain than anyone else can imagine but themselves; be it to miscarriage, illness, accident, incident, or disaster, there is the tragedy in our world of mothers who have lost their children to death. Pray earnestly for these women, friend! There is nothing we can say, no comfort that we can give to these mothers that will help them in their grieving. But God knows the depths of their hearts and the reach of their hurting. Please remember to ask God to comfort these women who have suffered such severe loss.

What of those women who have no children? Why should they be excluded from Mothers’ Day celebrations? The aunt who cares for her nieces and nephews with equal care to any true mother deserves gratitude, I think. And the lady down the street who helps the young mothers keep watch over their children as they play in the neighborhood deserve respect as well. We truly should appreciate those wonderfully patient women who volunteer week after week in the church nursery to give the mothers a chance to spend time undistracted in the church services. Don’t forget the single women who offer to babysit so that mothers can have time to rest and become refreshed as they replenish themselves. Remember the “mothers” – the life-givers – around you who have no children of their own.

There are many, many women in the world. Obvious, I know, but think about this; is nurture and caring, support and exhortation, encouragement and compassion exclusive to women who have birthed babies? Can you not think of women who are and give all of those things and more to the people around them, yet have no children of their own? These women exhibit an overarching attribute of feminine humanity as designed by God; namely the quality of life-giving. Life is needed in so many more ways than just physical, and God in His wisdom created women to each be capable of giving life to those around them in any way imaginable. Helps, refreshment, mercy, laughter, art, administration, organization, song, dance, worship – the list is far too long to finish here! But don’t forget these women either, as you celebrate God’s design for family and community.

It is my hope that each of us remembers the beauty that is in the gift with which God crowned creation as we live day by day; remember the women, young and old, around you and praise God for all that they bring to our lives.

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