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Note on Scheduling

May 26, 2012

Tim and I were dinking around on Wednesday, listening to little kid jazz and generally having a fabulous time when one of us asked, “Hey, did Adam ever post the Spectrum Perspectives for this Week?” It turns out that he hadn’t. Being the great friends that we are, we immediately assaulted him through text messages (somewhat ironic, isn’t it?). He threw up the post, and sent us each texts informing us that this is finals week at Moody Spokane.

That’s as valid of an excuse to miss a post as any I’ve heard, so, since this week’s topic is one at least 2 out of the 3 of us are passionate about, we’re rescheduling the individual posts from this week for next week. You should all go chide the Swensen for picking a topic he really cares about during finals week.

That is all.

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