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You Only Begin Once, Thank God

June 6, 2012

The New Beginning is, I think, one of the most romanticized ideas in our culture. We dream of breaking the monotony of the routines around which we’ve built our lives and we long to feel the rush of freedom and choice that comes with starting over, as if new places and new people and new routines into which we can settle will somehow make us new and better people. As wonderful as it can be to try things you’ve never done before and meet people unlike any you’ve known, however, seeking out such things doesn’t truly constitute a new beginning.

Whether you’re going off to school, moving across the country, or pursuing a new ambition, you never start all over. You take with you all of the things that came before, that make you who you are, and you add to them new experiences and convictions and knowledge and friendships and abilities with every new day. There is no starting from scratch, but that is a wonderful thing because even though your past, like mine, holds many painful and regrettable moments, it is also full of good and bold and memorable and radiant moments – moments that are only yours, moments that the world would be lessened without.

God is crafting your life into a masterpiece, and what He’s written with you so far is filled with purpose that will only be revealed by moving further up and further in. Each big change isn’t a reset, it’s the start of a new chapter that builds on the old to create a story of hope healing pain, grace redeeming regrets, and love creating beauty in the most unexpected places. That’s more incredible than any New Beginning could ever hope to be.

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  1. Tim's Dad permalink
    June 7, 2012 10:29 am

    As your very apt reference to C.S. Lewis implies, the only True New Beginning lies ahead of us, and we have been called to race toward it, as toward the finish line of our race, with all that is in us, to receive that wonderful prize for which we have been called “further up and further in!”

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