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Spectrum Perspectives: Lake Ann Camp

June 13, 2012

Tim Newton: Lake Ann Camp is a truly singular place.  I spent the last four summers of my life there, summers during which I learned more things, grew more as a person, and made more friends than I have in any other time or any other place before or since.  It’s where the Adam’s and I first met, and we all try to get back here as often as possible because there really is no other place like it.  I had the chance to visit for 24 hours yesterday evening and today, and it’s been great to see so many wonderful friends (including, magnificently enough, Adam Swensen himself, who was too busy training for the summer and being happy to see me to contribute to the post), but my time is already up and I need to return to my summer of Real Adult Responsibilities™, so I’ll let Adam B. take it from here. He describes it better than I ever could anyway.

Adam Beckmeyer: In The Chronicles of Narnia, the principle conceit is that a child or group of children is transported to a magical land where they witness an analog of God working in ways far more visible than those found in our world, and as a result of this experience, the child or children grows in maturity and understanding. Not many people know it, but Narnia is a real place. My childhood attests to this fact.

Deep along the back roads of northern Michigan, near Traverse City, you might happen to find a building standing over a cow pasture selling the best ice-cream you ever tasted. The sight of Moomer’s means you’re getting close. Further along you might find not one but two of the endangered species known as “General Stores”. Narnia is just down the road. And when you see that brown sign warmly proclaiming “Lake Ann Camp,” you know you’ve arrived in a place of magic.

There are places in one’s life that will always be remembered. There are the places where a large decision was made. There are the places where big, life-changing things happened, seemingly outside of one’s control. And the places most piercingly vibrant in memory are those places where, for a moment, one managed to catch the merest glimpse of God.

These don’t always all happen simultaneously, but what if they did? What if these dynamic moments happened with unerring regularity every time a place was visited? Well, I would have to call that place Narnia. That place is Lake Ann.

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  1. Tim's Dad permalink
    June 15, 2012 10:08 am

    For me, this magical place is a few hours drive to the North East from Lake Ann: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Cedar Campus. Nestled on the North shore of Lake Huron, this camp has always been for me a place of spiritual challenge, growth and peace. Not only that, but there is a remote section of the camp named after Narnia and only reachable by hiking the Narnia trail. Growing up I only attended summer camp a couple times that I can remember (at Hess Lake Camp near Newaygo), and those experiences were not what I would call life-changing. My times spent at Cedar Campus, however, one week each Spring after the school year ended and the summer of my month-long SLT (School of Leadership Training) experience there are times that I will never forget as long as I live.

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