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The Newt Review: How To Ruin Your Life By 30 by Steve Farrar

August 19, 2012

I read/watch/listen to a lot of things in my day-t0-day life, and I’ve been thinking for a while about starting a weekly feature in which I review those things for our readers, so since we’ve had such a drought of content lately I decided that now might be a good time to start. I’ll aim to have a review up every Saturday from here on out, and the first is How To Ruin Your Life By 30 by Steve Farrar.

My generation as a whole, it seems, has chosen to define itself by the catchphrase “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), and yet instead of taking those words as a caution about the fleeting nature of life, we use them as an excuse to do whatever we want without thought of the consequences. In How To Ruin Your Life By Thirty, Steve Farrar gives twenty-somethings a healthy dose of perspective, reminding us that since we really do only get one life to live, being wise about the choices we make in the formative years of our lives could not be more important.

It’s a fairly short book, and the advice is all quite common-sense, but it’s still quite valuable as well. Farrar’s clear and concise style fits the book well, and it certainly provides a good catalyst for readers to stand back for a moment, evaluate themselves, and refocus on what really matters before it’s too late. Farrar offers nine points that cover most major aspects of life from work to marriage, and he offers small nuggets of advice about each that, if heeded, will help steer young people in the right direction on the decisions that will define their futures.

While it’s not the sort of book that will change your life dramatically, it is definitely worth a read for the sound, Biblical, and timely reminder that it offers: you only live once, so don’t ruin it. Four out of five stars. You can buy How To Ruin Your Life By 30 on

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