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Spectrum Perspectives: True Vision

October 29, 2012

In my mind, the word ‘perspective’ is synonymous with optical illusions – images of people being crushed beneath giant shoes or a tiny man standing on another man’s shoulder, whispering in his ear. We know, of course, that the shoe is merely closer to the camera than the people, but from our perspective behind the lens we can’t see the difference. If there was no one standing to the side to tell us otherwise, we might really believe that there are fifty-foot shoes and three-inch-tall men out there. I guess that’s why other people’s perspectives are often more important than our own…

– Tim Newton

Our perspective is skewed by the constant desire we are given by human nature to look after “number one.” Our perspective is supposed to be as far from us as possible. Christ tells us to love God and love our neighbors. To truly love anyone is to deny ourselves. We are to disregard our selfish desires and dig in deep with those around us and invest in their interests. I have a problem with judgment. When I am living only by the direction of human nature, I am constantly looking at the person in front of me with sharp eyes and eager ears, waiting to see and hear their imperfections. The thing I have noticed however, is that my perspective is changed when I am 1. living in the Spirit, and 2. have had the chance to get to know the person. Not just getting to know their likes and dislikes, but to KNOW them on a deeper level. When I do this, my perspective changes. I see their brokenness, but also their beautiful qualities. I see their story and how they have gotten to the place they are, and I can mourn with them or rejoice with them. I also realize that i am just as broken as they are and have my own scars and imperfections. Perspective is changed when we get to hear the story and see the image of God made in them. Our perspective changes when we are in the Spirit and when we get to actually know someone.

– Adam Swensen

There’s an unfortunate foible of humanity I’ve been noticing quite a bit lately in myself and other people: I’ll say something to one of my friends, and he’ll react in a way entirely inappropriate to the message I just conveyed, or I’ll be told something that really has no bearing on me personally and suddenly find myself wanting to hit somebody. You see, human beings aren’t objective creatures, and we aren’t perfect in our knowledge either. Too often we’re quick to judge those around us. We think they’re intentions are evil at heart or at the very least stupid, but this isn’t usually the case. Much more often, the people we’re judging are just making choices based upon a different basis of life experience, understanding of how the world works, and a different set of values. What I and you and everyone in the world needs to realize (but mostly me) is that the fact that someone is different doesn’t invalidate their opinions.

– Adam B


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