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On The Eve Of A New Beginning

December 31, 2012

This time every year, we each look back at the year, seeing how we’ve grown and how we haven’t. We remember our hopes and dreams and we remember our losses and pain. But something happens at 12. We break open the bubbly, alcoholic or the delicious sparkling grape juice, and we set new goals and new ways to accomplish our dreams and grow. A new year brings the hope of a new beginning.

Obviously, we don’t really get to start over, leaving behind the consequences or disappointments, but the hope we have in that seems to make everything exciting and new. I don’t do resolutions, but I have some goals in mind. What are your goals for this new year? Maybe you want to take some classes and learn something new. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family or friends. Maybe you want to lose weight. Or maybe it’s more serious. Maybe you want alcohol to lose its grip on you. Maybe you want to find love and hope. Maybe you just want to see the pain of this last year be gone. Maybe this year was one of the worst years of your life and you want to forget it.

There is hope for you.

You aren’t going through those things alone. We each are going through something and we each look forward with a mix of anticipation and anxiety for the new year, this new beginning. But there is even more hope for you. While we are all going through something, and we are not alone with each other, I know of an even bigger hope and His name is Jesus. He is fighting right along with you. And you can bet your bottom dollar that He wants you to win. I pray you may find hope in Christ tonight.

No, the pain won’t just slip off a cliff never to return, but it doesn’t have to hold on to you. No, it won’t be easy fighting the battles against alcoholism or any other addictive source, but the fight is worth it. My God loves you and when He sent His son to free humanity from the clutches of sin, He freed us from so much more. He freed us from all powers! Nothing can hold us back while we hold tight to the power of the Holy Spirit. Your faith may be being tested, but I can guarantee that your pain isn’t in vain. Your love for God may be tested and your faith may seem to be weakened, but in the end, you will make it out alright, because my God loves you.

Don’t mistake me for saying that this next year will be easy and painless with God. I can’t promise you that, because sometimes life doesn’t become prettier with God. But the hope is real. We can always know that God will be there in our struggles. It may take a lot longer than we want to make it through, but our God still loves us and He will not leave us.

So, tonight and this coming year, grasp on to the heavenly hope we have in a powerful and loving God.

He is our hope and in Him is a new beginning.

Keep fighting and don’t give up hope.

I love you. Happy New Year.

-Adam S.


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