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Homecoming (Everything Changes)

January 13, 2013

I love the city. Chicago is magnificently alive, always moving and shifting and full to bursting with people who are always doing something. That much hasn’t changed since last I was here over a year ago, but so much has.

The city itself updates its shape and surface a little every day. The building right outside this Starbucks window used to be a dilapidated shell; now it’s a Walmart Express, whatever that is.

School has changed, too. The buildings remain where  they always were – Culby, Dryer, Smith, Houghton, Fitzwater, and the rest – but the inhabitants shift semester by semester, creating a whole new dynamic with every coming and going.

Even the place I live is different. Last time, I had a roommate, this time I’ve got the place to myself. Last time I was on City-side, this time my window overlooks the plaza instead.

Of course, perhaps more than anything else, I’ve changed. I’ve got a year and a half of experiences and lessons and mistakes and victories inside me now that weren’t there when I stepped onto Culby 12 for the first time in August of 2010, a dewy-eyed Freshman with my ID swinging on its neon orange lanyard around my neck. The way I see myself, the world, the city, other people, God, even music, has changed since I was last here.

It’d be easier to count the things that haven’t changed since I left Moody, and that can be a little scary. I’ve been fighting to earn my way back since I had to leave, and the thought that it might not be as incredible this time around as it was before gnaws at the back of my mind.

No matter how wonderful the past is, though, I’d rather seek out the wonder that waits in what is new than try to recapture what’s already passed. Change steals away the moments that we wish would last forever, but it’s the only thing that lets us discover what happens next, that keeps our story moving forward. Let the moments do their part, let them fill you with joy and take away your breath and turn you inside out. Let them change you, and then let them take their place as memories to make way for the moments to come.

After all, we can’t stop everything from changing, but we can do our best to change it for the better, starting with ourselves.

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  1. Tracie Newton permalink
    January 13, 2013 6:28 pm

    So true! I love your perspective and your attitude! Praying this semester is everything God planned it to be for you!!

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