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Shine a Light

February 28, 2013

Yesterday, myself and many others around the world disappeared from social media for a day to draw attention to the 27 million people who have disappeared into slavery. We spent one day in silence of our own free will, and today we’re back to life as it’s always been, but for those taken into slavery – victims of sex trafficking and labor trafficking – the silence is oppressive, and it is inescapable. They’re trapped in a dark place, without hope, and hundreds more are pulled down into that darkness every day.

They have no voice, but we can speak up for them. They’re kept in shadow, but we can shine a light on their suffering. Go to, educate yourself about the reality of slavery and what people just like you are doing to stop it. Find out how you can join them, whether it be by donating money or volunteering your time to groups like Not For Sale and the International Justice Mission or lending your voice to the End It Movement by drawing people’s attention to the horrors of slavery and urging them to step up and do what they can to end it.

Together, we can drag this issue into the light for all to see. Together, we can bring down the structures and institutions that perpetuate this injustice. Together, we can end the slave trade and rescue each one of the 27 million human beings who suffer under it.

Let’s get started.

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