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Spectrum Perspectives: A Psalm

October 6, 2013

photoThere is something about the Psalms which affects me differently than the other genres of Scripture. The Psalms make me feel somehow linked back to the faithful followers of God of the past. The historical accounts in the Bible do not do this and, though they are compelling and wonderful, neither do the narratives. I can’t connect with the dialogues or the legislative literature in the same way that I can the Psalms.


spiny AndrewAs a kid growing up in the church, I could have told you a few things about Psalms. I could tell you, for example that it is the longest book in the Bible, or that it has both the longest and shortest chapters and is located roughly in the middle of the Bible. I could even tell you the names of the main authors, but for some reason, I didn’t really get much out of the psalms. This was because I was missing something. What I failed to realize is that Psalms are songs. It was not until I understood this that the Psalms really started to speak to me, because I was finally seeing them for what they truly were: songs of adoration, praise, thanksgiving, entreaty, trust and repentance. To the Hebrew people, the psalms were their praise and worship music, and that is the function that they still serve for us: leading us in worship and praise of our great God and King.


I have a ropeGod provides for His children. This is the simple truth to which my life testifies perhaps more than anything else. He’s met my need for a savior. He’s provided me with the exact friends I needed at each juncture of my life. He placed me in what I’m convinced is the best possible family for my spiritual well-being and general sanity.

In the Psalms, I hear this very same story of providence over and over again. When God’s people are in need and they cry out to Him, He simply provides–often in ways completely foreign to us. More than that, His providence extends in scope beyond what we can imagine: thousands of years later, His providence to David and the other Psalmists is still providence to me and to millions of other Christians.

-Adam B.

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