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Of Andrew, for the director of music, on stringed instruments

October 9, 2013

The most important thing to know about Psalms is this: Psalms are songs. In fact, they are some of the greatest, most moving songs you could ever find. They range in topic from adoration of God and his Word, to messianic promises, to abject confession and repentance. All of the attributes of our great God are present in the Psalms, and Psalms help us to magnify him and bring him honor and glory and praise. In the same way, the songs we sing today that are considered “Praise and Worship” songs should do that very thing. The following is a song that I wrote, inspired in equal parts by the Psalms, hymns and modern worship songs. I hope it is uplifting for those who read it, and above all that it brings glory to God. Soli Deo Gloria.

Jill’s Song (My Heart Will Bless the Lord)

By Andrew Newton


My heart will bless the Lord

For all that he has done

For his mercies overflowing to my soul

If I searched a thousand years

Still I never could find one

Empty promise or a blessing unfulfilled


In the morning I awake to your faithfulness

Every day Lord I’m living by your righteousness

In the evening your grace lays me down to rest

I will wait on you


Oh my heart will bless the Lord

For my soul he has restored

I will never tire to sing his endless praise

I will sing forevermore

Of the joys he has in store

With the angels I will praise his holy name


My heart will bless the Lord

For the gift of his own Son

That the blood at Calvary was shed for me

When I see the empty grave

In the early light of dawn

Then my heart soars high with him in victory




My heart will bless the Lord

For the strength he daily gives

While I’m living out my mission from above

Though I am prone to fail

Still I know that I am his

When I stumble he restores me with his love




My heart will bless the Lord

When in glory he appears

And invites me to the wedding of the Lamb

Together with the Bride

Longer than a thousand years

I’ll be basking in the wonders of the great I AM



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