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Spectrum Perspectives: That One Song

October 14, 2013

kristinfacePicking a favorite song has always seemed a uselessly difficult endeavor. And it should be noted that my decision-making capabilities shut down whenever I feel that a decision is of moot importance. So, I did what I usually do when faced with a choice of minor importance: cede control to my decision-making backup generator by referring those who know me best. I asked my brother. And instead of the usual blank looks and confused backing away I’m prone to get when asking inane questions, my brother actually had an immediate answer. “Probably Generator ^ Second Floor,” he said plainly, and then went back to whatever he was doing without waiting for my reaction.

Meanwhile, my mind was blown. What a simple answer. I guess that might as well be my favorite.


spiny AndrewMusic is so expressive and diverse that it is very difficult to pick a favorite. Depending on my mood and what I’ve been thinking about lately, different songs stand out to me at different times. I love the powerful ability songs have to capture emotions and express them in ways that the words alone could never do. From celebration and excitement to sadness and melancholy, from anger and frustration to peaceful reflection, there is music for every feeling. So rather than try to pick a favorite based on my changing moods, I chose a song that has been my favorite many times over — the all-star of my favorite songs if you will. It was the first song to be designated as one of my favorites, and as such it holds a special place in my heart.


I have a ropeMusic is an incredibly important part of my life and how I relate to the world, but it’s almost indispensable for my method of relating to other people. Empathy is not one of my strong points. In order to really understand how somebody’s feeling I have to map their emotion to a song and then map that song back to my own emotions, dim as they may be. It’s an incredibly inefficient process, but I’ve been told empathy is a good thing, so I’ll keep at it. As far as I can tell, my empathy makes other people feel roughly like.

Anyway, picking a favorite song is hard, but I hope the song I did choose to acquaint you with will better your life, even if only a little. It has certainly bettered mine.

-Adam B.

vanessawpA favorite anything is our favorite because in some way we can relate to it. Our experiences in our lives make us drawn to those things, and for many of us we are drawn to songs. A song that I consider to be my favorite is called “Satisfied In You” by The Sing Team. A song about despair and having satisfaction.


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