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Adventures of Momiji, the Wolfspider

October 22, 2013

I push my cramped up legs against the sticky mesh cage that has been imprisoning me until this moment. I can feel the fresh air, I just need a little bit more space. If I turn my head like this, I can just…almost fit….through the hole I made! Oh. My. Sky. I can feel this great giant world greeting me, and if I could have the thoughts to think, what praises I would sing to the Creator of all this!

I scramble up this wall, and discover more of my limbs as I do. What luck! I can’t quite feel how to use those back legs yet, but I just know they move and will come in handy once I get better at this. There is a strange feeling inside me, but I don’t know what to do about it so I just keep crawling. I have to keep going. I have to find something. I don’t know what else there could be to this world that already seems so amazing and new, but I think I’ll know it when I see it.

There. That. What is that? It is smaller than me and jumps a good five inches further away as I approach it. Ha. It doesn’t know I can be fast! Ready? Here I am!!! Bwahaha! It worked! The thing is in my mouth and I feel it wiggle and then my mouth clamps down harder and the thing goes still. Oh, what a wonderful world!

I live many days like this. I get better and better at using my legs. Did you know I have eight of them? I meet others like me, but they aren’t as fast. Instead they are artsy and use their talented spinning skills to lay traps for other insects. It’s a good thing I am large, or else I might fall into their silly traps. Some spiders just don’t understand the joy of the hunt. All they do is sit around in their hammocks and wait for their food to be delivered to them. How silly is that? It’s like they aren’t even living their lives, just sitting around in apathy waiting for all their hopes and dreams to show up.

But not me. Sometimes I run just for the thrill of it. And sometimes I run for fear of the things larger than I. I know I don’t want the things larger than I to catch me, but I’m not actually sure what would happen if they did. I guess I’ll never know, I’m way too fast and wonderfully made for them to get me.

The scenery changed today. I’ve ventured farther than ever before and now the air feels different. I don’t know what that means, so I crawl up this pretty wall. Vibrations around me suddenly rumble and quake. The wall I’m on and all that exists around me violently shakes like a trillion tiny hurricanes trying to loosen me from my perch. I cling to the wall, desperate to stick, but alas I am a spider without a web and I crash to the floor. Good. Sturdy. I start to go my way, when I clearly see a large white square traveling quickly towards me. “No big square, I’m much too quick for you,” I exclaim.

But the white square keeps descending no matter how fast I scurry, and when it reaches me I curl my legs in anticipation. This world has been wonderful. Time to venture back to whence I came.

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