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Story Time: Spiders

October 24, 2013

I don’t remember much from my early childhood, I guess I deleted the unimportant things. But one of the few things I do remember just happens to be about a spider.

I was about four years old and I was living in a different house that had a narrow stairway leading up to the second floor. I don’t remember what I was going to do but that didn’t matter to me once I got to the top because all I could think about was the tiny and terrifying eight legged creature, about two whole millimeters large, that was hanging by a single web strand about five feet from the ceiling and only inches away from my face. I screamed loudly and uncontrollably as the spider shook in fear and tears came like waterfalls down my face. Suddenly all that existed in the entire universe was just me and the tiny arachnid. And I for no real reason thought that somehow it had attached a web that I couldn’t actually see to my lower lip keeping me from going anywhere. It must have been a super evil magic web or something, I thought. After what felt like hours my mother came out of her bedroom afraid that I had hurt myself somehow and not seeing anything wrong, just me standing in the way of the stairs, she asked me what was wrong and I managed to lift my arm up and point cautiously at the spider. She quickly grabbed a children’s book that was nearby and smashed the creepy thing between the thick cardboard pages. I don’t remember anything else besides feeling relieved that I might actually live to see another day.

Since then I’ve grown out of my crippling fear of spiders. Now I actually think that they are some of the most fascinating creatures of all the things that God created. All 43,678 different species. 🙂 I can’t say that I have a favorite but most any kind of tarantula I find to be pretty cool. And sometimes, to me, spiders are even cute. I mean, look at those eyes!
I sometimes half-joke to my sister about getting a pet tarantula when I move out and they always reply with “If you do I will never come visit you.”. I guess some of us don’t ever grow out of those childhood fears…

(I couldn’t find who took that photo, but I got it from Google.)

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