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Spectrum Perspectives: Breathe

October 28, 2013

kristinfaceSunday night I came home to my roommate having an anxiety attack. Her body literally felt like it could not breathe, and convinced her it was dying. She panicked because she could not grasp air. I think we all forget to truly breathe sometimes. And I think it would be a much more reasonable solution to go into full-out panic, desperate for God mode. But we don’t. We just sit back and go, eh, I’m not really even alive right now, but I’m not dead yet, so my predicament can’t be too bad, right? And people around us commend us saying, “Wow! You really have it all together!” Ha. If they only knew.

Let me encourage you to recognize your lack of air, but don’t panic just yet. The God Who knit your lungs and set them in motion is the breath you’re searching for. And He, like the air around you, is ready to be breathed.

-Kristin (Wednesday)

photoDrawing in air must be an art. I can’t think of how else to describe it. Something so natural it can’t be taught, or learned, or imparted. And CPR doesn’t count.

Just thinking about this makes me wonder; who showed me how to breathe? Who told me how it works, how to use it for speech? Who taught that lesson?


-Catherine (Thursday)

564675_10150779773638982_974455617_nWhen Adam told me that he wanted to bring Singular Spectrum back, I was ecstatic. I had just come home from school and I thought everything was going right for me. What better way to top it all off than to start blogging with my best friends again? Then everything changed – some things went wrong, but for the most part they just stopped going quite so right. We moved ahead with the Singular Spectrum reboot, but my passion was gone. Every week I tried to think of something for the topic and every week I came back with apologies and a blank page, but not this week. This week, finally, I have something to say. A lot has happened in the months since I came back home, and I’m ready to talk about it.

-Tim (Friday)



In addition, this week, we will have a bonus post. Our friend Mason has volunteered to write something for Friday.


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